Sara McFarland

Embodying the Dream of the Earth ~ Wholeness, Self-Love and Inner Resources on the Path to Co-creating a New Paradigm

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Sara McFarland bridges the distance between the ancient practices of being at home, in conversation with the wild Earth and the creation of a future paradigm of human culture which embodies the Dream of the Earth. She is a Wilderness Guide, Nature-based Coach and Earth Witch, who helps women and Highly Sensitive individuals heal the trauma of civilization on the path of Wholeness and Soul Initiation by the Mystery. Sara works with individuals who long to know who they truly are, to take their place in the Golden Web of Life, bringing all of their gifts, powers and abilities to the people in service to Earth. In her practice, she utilizes elements of bodywork, energy medicine and shamanic techniques, sound and voice, dream work, herbal spirit medicine, and the 4 feminine Archetypes of the Labyrinth Path. In semi-wild and wild places, she guides Programs and Vision Quests to assist humans to re-member themselves into the body of the Earth Community.

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